Envision Your God-given Vision Big

"The Salvation Army began in 1865 when William Booth, a London minister, gave up the comfort of his pulpit and decided to take his message into the streets where it would reach the poor, the homeless, the hungry and the destitute.
His original aim was to send converts to established churches of the day, but soon he realized that the poor did not feel comfortable or welcome in the pews of most of the churches and chapels of Victorian England. Regular churchgoers were appalled when these shabbily dressed, unwashed people came to join them in worship. Booth decided to found a church especially for them - the East London Christian Mission. The mission grew slowly, but Booth's faith in God remained undiminished.
In May 1878, Booth summoned his son, Bramwell, and his good friend George Railton to read a proof of the Christian Mission's annual report. At the top it read: THE CHRISTIAN MISSION is A VOLUNTEER ARMY. Bramwell strongly objected to this wording. He was not a volunteer: he was compelled to do God's work. So, in a flash of inspiration, Booth crossed out 'Volunteer' and wrote 'Salvation'. The Salvation Army was born." Culled from Salvation Army History, http://www.salvationarmy.org/ihq/history
For many men and women of God, this is a growing story. I would like to encourage you with the fact that the Salvation Army strategies and concepts started in 1865, it outlasted the Great Depression, and many other economic conditions that occurred in the Twentieth Century.
Take note, that William Booth started with a vision that had purpose to fulfill God's will for the Great Commission encompassing all classes of people.
Do You Know How to Envision Big?
Do Others Look to You to Catapult Their God-given Vision Often?
It’s easy to to visualize someone else’s  vision than your own at times. Having a lot of vision, unique insights, or creative ideas (Fruit of our thoughts. Jeremiah 6:19) is something that God has given His children to "Be fruitful and multiply" (Genesis 1:11). However, often times we fail to take action on the vision He has given us.
Having a lot of vision or ideas means very little if you can’t bring them into victorious fruition. In fact, leaving His vision stagnant to dry up and divide the seed within stagnates, delays, and even stops (Matthew 21:18-22) multiplication of its original value.  
We must take courage and move toward the steps leading us to the right path to increase greatly in number and enhance every area of our lives in unity as the Body of Christ in this hour.
Here are Seven ways to “Envision Your God-given Vision Big” and really make an impact in the Kingdom of God internally and externally!
  1. Talk to God. The first step in each of these ways is to seek God for revelation.
  2. Discover Your God-given Vision. Take one to seven hours to write down 10 reasons WHY God gave you your vision. Take into consideration what you know for sure are apart of the gifting, talents, and abilities that God have given you for your destiny and purpose in His will for your life.
  3. Research Your God-given Vision. Research in Holy Bible, libraries, online, and other ways the hindsight, present, and future state of your God-given vision. Gaining relevant facts will reduce the unknowns you may have that can cause delays and back lags. It may also fill in the necessary details God would have you to know when expressing His vision for your life to others in His authority. This will empower and equip you to take serious action strategically. God will expound your vision as you start the mission.
  4. Envision Your God-given Vision. Write your thoughts for your vision down daily for at least seven days. Capturing your vision is very important so that eventually you can put all of the pieces together to work for God's good and will. It will also help you to write the vision down to make it clear and concise for others their are ordained to join the mission with you.
  5. Capture Your God-given Vision. Write the vision down and make it plain. The more Biblical, factual and evidence based it is, the more you are aligning it to God's will. Capture time, schedules, locations, resources, budget, finance, (when, where, how, why, what, etc.), boundaries, limitations, legal, risk, obstacles from past, present, and future that may occur. This can also eliminate the friction of the enemy of God's vision early on.
  6. Aim Your God-given Vision. Take time to write down all of the high-level and tiny details involved in the planning and implementation of your vision. It is always a Kingdom Principle, carried on from generation to generation of the Holy Bible to talk to God, scribe revelations and action steps, record outcomes and lessons learned, seek God again, re-write, and move forward with a target in mind successfully.
  7. Take Action on Your God-given Vision. God has commanded us to "Be fruitful and Multiply".
In order for you to pro-generate God's fruit, you must be able to uncover the seeds within the fruit, and be capable of planting them in fertile ground for a new harvest, over and over again. Never allow your seed to dry up and divide into many pieces without the manifestation of God's glory being release through you as His vessel.
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Move forward in 2017 in victory!