Time Management - Assessment Tool

“Time stays long enough for those who use it.“ – Leonardo Da Vinci

Assessing how you spend your time can be a seriously complicated assignment in the beginning, if you have a deep desire to hold on to the old way you are familiar with to perform task through the day.  However, keep in mindthings will change in around two weeks for you in order for you to draw an accurate assumption and be able to maintain consistency. 

If you try to slow the pace, and think about what you are really doing, you may also be able to identify where some of the delays in your efforts are coming from. You can also determine what is causing you to procrastinate in some cases when you really should be maximizing your potential.

You can identify how much time it would take for you complete a task if you were able to remain on it for a given time. This will help you to truly discover how much time it will take you to complete a task and be more accurate in your planning.

There are many benefits from assessing the time you spend day in and day out.  It will help you to impact your time management successfully. Here are a few reasons why you want to perform a time analysis:

·         Be able to develop a quicker way to performing task
·         Get finished with task and go home early
·         Expand your planning capabilities
·         Identify obstacles that cause delays
·         Provide insights on how to control interruptions from external forces
·         Spend more time with family and friends
·         Be able to do things you like doing with the extra time
·         Find ways of delegating some of your activities and task
·         Provides visibility on how you can work better not longer
·         Be more productive
·         Achieve goals
·         Maximize your potential
·         Satisfy customers
·         Increase your performance level
·         Make your family happy

I hope you can see that there are critical and necessary benefits to taking the simple and easy action steps below.  I know it seems like it is more work, don’t procrastinate it is the start of a new and wonderful life style that you definitely want to experience.  That is why you bought this book right.  You have to start somewhere to achieve success.  You will never know until you try it.

MANAGE         FOCUS           AVOID         LIMIT

 To begin your assessment(s) follow these easy steps:

  1.  Keep a record of events that you are performing throughout the day.

Start Time
Finish Time
Activity or Task Performed

2.   Keep a detailed log distractions and interruptions:

Interruption / Distraction
Who or What

3.  Think about what area of time management are you facing the most issues with: (Mark Issue Type based on severity: Major (A) Minor (B) Not Applicable (X)

Issue Type
Time Management Issue

Yearly Planning

Monthly Planning

Weekly Planning

Daily Planning

Creating Activity & Detail Task List


Taking Action

Developing Goals

Defining Goal Steps

Balancing business, work, private, personal, and/or home time

Resisting Interruptions

Managing workload or business load

Understanding business processes or workflows to complete task

Delegating task

Following up on Task

Making sound and quick decisions

Knowing how to respond to email communications

Keeping deadlines and timelines without panicking

Always keeping an eye on the time of day

Managing Events / Meetings

Considering Travel or Transit Time

        4.  Make a List of the current steps you have taken to manage your time and the result:









    5.  Self-Awareness of Time Management and Assessment.

          a. What motivates you?


Making others happy (Customers, members, family, coworkers, boss, etc)

Job Fulfillment


Rewards, Gifts,  Benefits, and Bonuses

Pat on the back

Vacation or Holidays



Positive Feedback

New things


b. What drains you or causes you to procrastinate?

Mark (X) If Applicable
Drain or Procrastination

Fear of failure

Pressure from boss


Pressure from customer, members, or family demands

Lack of skill, talents, or abilities

Lack of focus

Too much work to control

No reward

No positive feedback

No challenge

No satisfaction

No Longer Interested


Not feeling well

Nothing to motivate me





        c.  Do you have any one to encourage or motivate you to be successful? Name at least three persons    below, and state how they can support you:




 d.    Do you use technologies or applications to perform activities, task, scheduling and planning?




 e.  Do you need training with technologies to automate your task, activities, scheduling and planning?




After you have completed the assessment, make sound and strategic decisions that you can and will change now.  Don’t delay. Delaying may cause you to fall back into the same cycle. Your persistence counts.

 “Live each day, as if it’s your last, but plan to live 100 years.”

Article Writer and Tool Developer: Donna Ghanney, MPM, CPLC
CopyRight Kingdom Empowerment, Inc.