Often, the keys to your vision are released in intervals. The proclamation can occur anywhere and anytime. The information age has made it virtually possible to capture these intricate details that can bring change to your life, business, ministry, and many areas. In this session we will look at some of the current tools that can help you capture your vision.
The benefit of mind mapping is to help you to document, generate, analyze, categorize, and prioritize new and innovative ideas that impact your vision. Using these tools will help you to free up the confusion you may be experiencing in your mind.
There are many virtual tools that assist in mind mapping your vision. We will focus on those that are offered at no out of pocket expenses, and can be accessed virtually at any given place or time.
Let’s start with Coggle. Coggle is a completely free application that can be accessed easily by using your Google account. It has a friendly user interface that allows you to connect ideas from you main vision (tree). Coggle will assign colors automatically to your ideas (branches). If you click on the branch you can change the color of the branch by using the color wheel that will appear. Coggle also allows you to drag and drop pictures on the canvas that support your vision. Once you are completed you can easily save your mind map and download it in a PDF or PNG format for viewing later. You can continue to update each mind map created and share it with others that you want to include in your vision. Coggle will auto save your content and allow you to see the revision history. Revision history can be an extra added effect if you are a husband and wife team adding ideas separately. Coggle also works on mobile devices.
Mindmup is another free mind mapping tool that is free and easily accessible. You can also save your creative ideas in your Google drive or on your desktop. You can save the innovation you are developing in HTML, PDF, PNG, and Text Formats by using the Export Map option on the File Menu. The node color can be easily be change by using the Editing box that appears on the canvas on the right side of the screen. Mindmup allows you to upload images that may enhance your vision. Collaboration is made simple in Mindmups. is a very interesting mind mapping tool that can be used anywhere. Simply create your account to get started using all of the available features. You can export your growing vision into a JPG and PNG format. The color of the bubbles can be changed to suit your needs. will allow you to create up to three mind maps for free. In order to collaborate with others, all team members will need to have an account.
Mind42 requires that you create an account. Once you have verified your account you may log in and begin mind mapping. Your vision project can be shared with collaborators. You can manage user access by marking them as business, ministry or private. All of your thoughts can be captured in one area.
Remember the main benefits of being able to capture your vision through mind mapping is to vision is to:
  • Allows you to generate new ideas.
  • Allows you to clearly define what, when, how, why, where of vision.
  • Allows you to plan.
  • Allows you to establish SMART goals.
  • Allows you to visualize and map.
  • Allows you to be proactive with potential risk.
  • Spark off new unique and innovative ideas.
  • Stimulates and motivates passion to succeed.

Start capturing your vision with these free tools to start your successful journey of experience change in life, business and ministry.