Kingdom Empowerment Keys: Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness is the key to establishing a vision, passion and purpose for your life. When you know who you are then you can establish a need for fulfillment in which can be achieved by studying the Word of God,and building on your relationship with Him.
Having a relationship that does not sting, hurt,or cause pain can ease the feelings that you are experiencing that you are not liked or loved.  God can give a quality relationship that will make you feel love and accepted for who you are.
Also visionaries often are not comfortable to be around for some persons.
One of the reasons could be is that they are constantly desiring to put things in the proper order as they see it (or as God has given them insight or inspiration to see it), they are very reserved, and task oriented.  In most cases if you are doing something, you are not going to stop and chat with another person is present because you have a strong urgency to complete the task and put something into it’s proper order.  When you have place it into it’s perspective order, you soul feels at rest.  God has entrusted you to put it in it’s proper order in love and kindness for His will.

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